Satellite Learning Support Services

We seek to collaborate with an institution or team that currently works in areas of disadvantaged youth in the Barcelona vicinity.  The objective of this initiative is to reach the students and families that are in most of need but are the least able to pay for private services.

The value proposition we will offer the collaborating center will be the following;

  • Spanish/Catalan Speaking specialist to run child study meetings
  • Ongoing Professional Development in the area of Learning Differences
  • Catalan speaking specialist to conduct direct remediation

The collaborating center will need to provide;

  • Space within the existing centre
  • One staff member to oversee coordination with the Diverse Learning Team

Knowing the high probability that a poverty stricken youth with learning disabilities will end up in the criminal justice system, we make it our responsibility to provide the support they need but can not access. 

The Center in Sarrià will oversee all cases with ongoing monitoring.