The Learning Center is a laboratory to design and test new programs while forming partnerships and collaborations with leading Clinical and Educations programs around the world to bring the latest research based methodologies to the students in our center.

Assessment tools for multilingual children

Currently there are no standard assessment tools available to diagnose multilingual children. Professionals use a combination of different testing protocols, which often times must be individualized and rely heavily on the expertise of the person doing the evaluation. Our team is developing cutting-edge assessment protocols designed specifically for multilingual children.

Innovative teaching methods

Our LEAD Program, Learning English and Dyslexia, has developed two courses, Basic and Intermediate English, based on a system that promotes language acquisition through auditory comprehension and oral communication, through a series of exciting and fun activities. These courses are designed bearing in mind the particular needs of children with different LDs, so that they are able to acquire the same understanding and communication skills as the rest of their classmates.

Diverse Math

Diverse Learning's team of experts is currently developing an innovative methodology for teaching math to those who learn differently. In contrast to traditional methods, which rely heavily on reading, Diverse Math strives to minimize written direction so as to take out language barriers in the study of numbers.