We have created a unique center not just for the child who needs support, but also for the whole family.  We understand the challenges faced by parents whose child has a learning or developmental disorder, and we have designed many aspects of Diverse Learning to respond to their needs

  • Parents Connect

The center provides the opportunity for support groups of parents of multilingual children with learning differences to meet and share experiences, problems and, most importantly, solutions. 

  • Coaching for Parents

Raising a child is never easy. Children constantly present us with challenges and situations we do not feel prepared to handle. This is why at Diverse Learning we offer sessions for whatever amount of time necessary to any parent struggling with the wide spectrum of issues that can arise when rearing a child with a learning difference

  • Workshops 

At Diverse Learning we pride ourselves on being able to touch upon any issue concerning children who learn differently. We have a flexible, varied staff and group of committed professionals who are able to develop and offer workshops on an array of topics, ranging from emotional and behavioral issues to academic ones.

  • Advocacy Campaigns

The British National Autism Society’s lemma is: Until Everyone Understands. At Diverse Learning we acknowledge and endorse this idea and want to help make it a reality not only for autism, but for one and all learning differences. We design advocacy campaigns on every level, from national to local, as we believe everyone must be involved if we are to truly become an accepting society.