Christen Bruce, M.S., CCC- Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), Director of Learning


Chrissy is a clinical speech-language pathologist (BS and MS in Speech and Hearing Sciences, University of Arizona). Originally from the US, Chrissy has been in Barcelona for over 20 years. Her extensive training and experience in identification, treatment and management of developmental and learning disabilities within monolingual and multilingual children has allowed her to serve hundreds of children and their families throughout Barcelona. She is the mother of two multilingual children.




Leanne Shellshear, Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) trained in Australia and registered in the UK

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Leanne is a clinical speech-language pathologist (Bachelor of Speech Pathology Hons 1, University of Queensland). Leanne has worked in Australia and the UK in schools and community health clinics. She is specialised in supporting pre-school aged children with speech and language difficulites. Leanne’s main passion is assessment and intervention for children with social commuication difficulties (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder) and she is trained in programs to facilitate increased interaction, play and communciation skills (e.g. Hanen More Than Words Program). Leanne also currently holds a research position with Griffith University, Australia.

Natalie Handley, BSc Psychology, Learning Specialist


Natalie has a BSc in Psychology and is developing her career in special education. Born in Asia, raised in the U.S., and educated in Europe, she considers herself a global citizen. After completing her IB Diploma at the American School of the Hague, Natalie pursued a BSc in Psychology at the University of Exeter, UK. Upon moving to Barcelona, she started her career as a Teaching Assistant at the American School of Barcelona and quickly discovered her passion for working with children.

As she found herself working more and more with challenging students who needed a more individualised approach, and quick realised that these are the children she wanted to work with.

She thoroughly enjoys working as a Learning Specialist and in addition to her experiential learning is presently pursuing a Master's in Special and Additional Learning Needs at the University of East London (UEL) Cass School of Education and Communities, working in partnership with the Institute of Child Education and Psychology (ICEP) Europe. 


Jack Gaughan,  MSc. Speech and Language Therapy

Jack is a clinical speech-language pathologist. Originally from the UK, Jack graduated with a BSc in Biology, before teaching English and Biology in Tanzania. After completing his first Masters Degree in Human Evolution and Behaviour at University College London, Jack studied Speech and Language Therapy MSc in London. Whilst learning about language development and acquisition, he developed a passion for working with children that have different learning styles. 

As a therapist, he has worked with a range of different “clients”, including adults and children on the Autism spectrum, Down syndrome, language delay and speech difficulties.  Jack has enjoyed training families and other professionals methods to improve communication, and has previously developed easily-accessible information to help explain his service to carers and clients. 


Carla Ros, PhD, Language Research and Learning Specialist

Carla is a linguistic consultant with a PhD in Humanities (UPF) and a BA in Cultural and Social Anthropology (UAB). Her fascination with multilingualism stems from her own childhood experience of being born Spanish-speaking in a Catalan-speaking country and learning English as an Additional Language at age 7.

She has spent over 20 years working in different fields of language, such as teaching English and Spanish to children and adults, and translating, copy-writing, editing and correcting texts in Spanish, English and Catalan. She is the mother of two multilingual children.


Tara Boudreau, BSc Education

Tara Boudreau is an elementary teacher with over 20 years experience. She has been a classroom teacher for grades ranging from third to eighth grade. Tara’s passion as a teacher lies in working with students who need extra support with their learning. She has enjoyed working as a learning support teacher and has taught students with a variety of learning differences, including ADHD, dyslexia, and ASD.

Tara is Canadian and received her Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto. She considers herself to be a life-long learner and has received further qualifications over the years to help her support her students. Tara and her family love to travel. She has lived and taught in many different countries, including Mexico, France, Qatar and most recently, Spain! 


Marta Sanz Palau, MSc. Child and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology

Marta is a trained clinical neuropsychologist. Fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan, she works with our team on assessments. She holds a degree in Psychology from the Universitat of Barcelona and a Masters in Child and Adult Clinical Neuropsychology from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. 

She is certified as an expert by Neuropsychologist Expertise Certificate from College of Psychologists from Catalonia and as General Psychologist by the Spanish Health Ministry.

Jennifer Smith, Learning Support

Clàudia Roca, MSc, Logopeda especialista en lenguaje

Clàudia es logopeda y profesora del grado en Logopedia a la Facultat de Psicologia i Ciencies de l'Esport, Blanquerna. Clàudia ha nacido y crecido en Catalunya en un entorno multilingüe. Estudió BSc en Logopedia (Universitat Ramon Llull) y después vivió 3 años en Utrecht (Holanda) dónde estudió el MSc en Clinical Language, Speech and Hearing Science. Se ha especialitzado en trastornos del lenguaje infantil y en adultos. Le gusta combinar la práctica con la investigación y tiene previsto terminar su PhD en junio 2018.