We work with parents and schools to create solutions when a child is struggling academically. At our Learning Center, we offer a breadth of services to the learning difference community, including:

360 Educational Support Package: 

This service includes weekly individualized support  by a trained professional targeted at strengthening the underlying learning skills related to reading, text comprehension, written expression or mathematics.  

Outside of the weekly one on one session, the specialist is also providing:

  • One meeting at the beginning of the school year with parents and teachers to establish communication, understand all of the students' needs and plan the required support.
  • One meeting at the end of the school year with parents and teachers to review the work accomplished during the year and to plan for the future,
  • Continued open and regular communication with teachers throughout the year.
  • Access to and regular checking of teachers’ classroom websites to keep up to date with class and homework content and expectations.
  • Ongoing documentation and analysis of teacher feedback (in communication and in progress reports) to track student understanding and engagement with academic content.
  • Creation of learning goals and measureable objectives.
  • Support in creating effective organizational systems.
  • Support in creating regular homework habits.
  • Support in creating effective study habits.

Our afternoons are reserved for students receiving 360 support and there is a fixed monthly fee for this service.

Individualized Intervention Sessions: 

This service offers sessions by a trained professional targeted at strengthening the underlying learning skills related to reading, text comprehension, written expression or mathematics.  These sessions are programmed when the professional is available and are not at a fixed weekly time. 

Speech Language Pathology Services

These services include diagnosis and/or intervention sessions by a trained clinician who specializes in the evaluation and treatment of communication disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, and voice disorders.  

Tailor-made Special Intervention Programs: Our team is experienced in creating intensive sessions (10-20 hours a week) for extended periods of time if the child needs to be pulled out of school to receive concentrated intervention with the goal of honing in on a fundamental skill (phonics, reading comprehension, numeracy).

 Home School Programs: Home schooling programs are offered for the international transitory community who is in Barcelona for a short period of time and are unable to find a school that offers their child the support they need, albeit because of special needs, language barriers or emotional issues. Our specialists can design a U.S. accredited home schooling program that a family member or an external professional can oversee during the time the student is in Barcelona. 

LEAD: Learning English and Dyslexia. We have grouped two types of professionals together to create this program: those trained in teaching reading and writing to English speakers with dyslexia and teachers who specialize in English as an additional language. This innovative way of breaking down the teaching of the English language is specifically designed for Catalan and Spanish speaking different thinkers. Our goal is to make the English language both accessible and fun.
These students can participate in group weekly sessions, individual intensive sessions or holiday camps.

Holiday Camps: We offer intensive morning and all day programs during the school holidays for students to catch up on schoolwork, hone in on a skill, or receive continued support. The camps are individually priced and designed depending on demand.