The Diverse Learning project grew out of a shared desire to offer more services to the multilingual Learning difference community in Barcelona.

Emily Kunze and Christen Bruce are the co-founders of the Diverse Learning Foundation.  They share a unique vision in the learning difference community.  With complimentary professional capacities, they work in sync to bring it to fruition to the project.


emily kunze

Emily studied undergrad in the US (Kenyon) and did her masters in Business in Barcelona (IESE).   As the Foundation President, Emily is the acting CEO working closely with the Chrissy Bruce on the vision and expansion of the foundation while running the day to day operations. 

 As a mother of a child with learning differences she hopes to use her experience to simplify the search for educational support and empower families by providing them with information. Her goal in starting the Foundation is build an experienced team that is connected to the latest research and training through continued professional development.  Originally from the US, Emily lived in Buenos Aires and in London before settling in Barcelona.


Christen bruce

Chrissy is a clinical speech-language pathologist (BS and MS in Speech and Hearing Sciences University of Arizona) Originally from the US, Chrissy has been in Barcelona for over 20 years.  Her extensive training and experience in identification, treatment and management of developmental and learning disabilities within monolingual and multilingual children has allowed her to serve hundreds of children and their families throughout Barcelona.

As the Director of Learning at the Foundation Chrissy oversee all programs and professionals as well as providing assessments and direct intervention in English.